If you are placing your order online, you will have been asked to acknowledge these terms and conditions prior to placing your order. For manually created orders, please read the following BEFORE concluding your purchase:-


Your braai is an extremely robust and handmade by the leading South African Braai Manufacturers, but it has travelled thousands of miles to get to you, so please follow the guidelines below when you receive your braai :-

Unpack your braai and check for physical and cosmetic damage straight away:

  • Minor scratch marks and blemishes are to be expected and slight cosmetic damage should be addressed with the matt black heatproof touch-up paint which is supplied for this purpose with most 800, 1000, 1200 & 1500 units.
  • Any physical damage incurred during transport, should be reported immediately so it can be addressed through the logistic companies insurance. Unfortunately, damage identified at a later date will be assumed to have occurred during installation or usage for which BBQ365 cannot accept liability


For deliveries of UK held stock – customers are responsible for the cost of returning items which must be packaged and returned on the original pallet unused, and in the manner that it was received.

For special orders of non UK held stock – refunds cannot be given once shipment has commenced. Returns of delivered items will be handled in the same manner as for UK held stock (see above), but BBQ365 reserve the right to charge a handling fee to cover logistics and warehouse costs.

For custom build braai orders – no refund can be given once factory build has commenced.

The above terms do not affect your statutory rights.


Installation instructions can be found online at BBQ365.CO.UK/FAQ

While the braai is classified as a solid fuel barbecue in the UK, if you are building your braai indoors, the unit will be classified as an Open Fire, and a qualified professional should be consulted to ensure compliance with appropriate building and planning regulations for your location.

BBQ365 may be able to share insight from other customer’s experiences, but we are not qualified to provide any professional advice directly in this regard,


On the first firing of the braai, you need to cure the braai and any brickwork, slowly with a small fire

Do NOT build a big bonfire during the first firing – it WILL damage the paintwork (which can be re-painted), but more importantly, it may also damage your brickwork !

Some odour will rise off the braai due to the paint curing, this is normal and will disappear after the first couple of fires

Instructions on how to light a braai can be found online at BBQ365.CO.UK/FAQ


This braai | BBQ will become very hot. Do not move it during operation

Keep children and pets at a safe distance

Only use untreated, seasoned wood (NEVER burn garbage or chemically treated wood in your appliance)

Do not use a liquid accelerator (such as spirit or petrol) for lighting or re-lighting

Do not store fuel close to the appliance



Do use untreated dry/seasoned wood. hardwood is best (as softwood burns too quickly, and creates ash, rather than embers). For the best experience, we recommend African wood such as Kemeeldoring, Mopane or Sekelbos

Do restrain the fire to the ember maker and never make a big bonfire in the ash pan

Do keep the ashes cleaned out. Fire gradually destroys iron, and ashes in the presence of water become acidic and will eat through metal

Do protect metal detachable parts from rusting by storing them in a dry place when not in use


Do not burn chemically treated timber as poisonous gases can be given off and can be harmful to your health

Do not over fire (allow ember maker/ash pan to glow red) as this could damage your braai

Do not burn garbage in the appliance as garbage can cause a dangerous soot build-up and can leave unpleasant odours

Do not expose the grill, ash pan and ember maker to fire any longer than you have to

Do not put the fire out with water. The sudden change in temperature is likely to damage your braai and can result in serious burns

Do not put heavy pots or steak plates on an over-heated grill. The weight will sag the weakened metal


Home Fires provide a Warranty on all their products (excluding consumable/removable items and mobile units). Any Braai needs care throughout its lifetime, and regular painting and maintenance is essential to keep this warranty valid, and it should be noted that our braai’s must be correctly installed to allow for expansion.

The warranty excludes rust, fire damage, misuse, water leakage or discolouration, and extends to the product only. It does not cover costs associated with delivery or installation, or any liability associated with the use or misuse of the product.

Under no circumstance will UKBBQ365 Limited or Home Fires PTY be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use or operation of their products.

Details of the warranty can be found here :- HomeFires