WARNING : This is not a budget Braai ! Your HomeFires Braai is a genuine handmade Braai from the leading South African manufacturers. It is VERY HEAVY. It will require two people to manoeuvre it. It may be secured to a metal pallet with tension straps which can be sharp. We recommend using protective gloves and appropriate footwear when unpacking and installing your Braai.

Before deciding on a location for the Braai | BBQ, make sure that there are no obstructions that will restrict the flue or cowl rotation.

It is recommended that the Braai | BBQ should be located against a brick/solid wall structure on level ground for added stability and avoid the chance of people leaning against it’s hot surface while it is in use.

You should also try and ensure your braai area has positive protection from the elements where possible :-

  1. Prepare a hearth out of non-combustible material minimum +- 300mm wider and +-300mm deeper than the particular unit. This will be for your Braai | BBQ to stand on
  2. Unpack your Braai and check for physical and cosmetic damage straight away
    1. Any physical damage incurred during transport, should be reported immediately so it can be addressed through the delivery company’s insurance. Damage identified at a later date will be assumed  to have ocured during installation or use
    2. Your Braai is an extreemly robust and handmade by the leading South African Braai manufacturers, but it has travelled thousands of miles to get here. Minor scratch marks and blemishes are to be expected and should be addressed with the matt black heatproof touch-up paint supplied. For future ongoing maintenance, widely available BBQ or Stove paint should be used
  3. Remove all contents and accessories from inside the Braai (particularly the heavy ember maker), this will make it easier to manoeuvre. Note : be careful not to throw away important components such as the small square plate that will sit in the bottom of the fire tray covering access to the ash disposal draw
  4. Place the bottom stand in position on the hearth and then place the Braai | BBQ on the stand, aligning the predrilled holes in the bottom panel of the Braai | BBQ
  5. Secure the Braai | BBQ to the bottom stand by using the 4 No. x M8 bolts and nuts supplied
  6. For additional safety, Drill 2 No. x 8mm holes in the back panel of the Braai | BBQ, mark the holes on the wall and drill 2 No. holes in wall to insert raw plugs (not supplied)
  7. Position  Braai | BBQ against wall and tighten fixing screws to secure (not supplied)
  8. Fit the cowl base on one end of the flue pipe aligning the predrilled holes and secure using 3 No. x M5 bolts and nuts (supplied)
  9. Fit the rotating cowl on top of the flue pipe by compressing the spring and inserting the point into the round tubing
  10. Fit the flue pipe on top of the  Braai (supporting firmly) aligning the predrilled holes and secure flue using 3 No. x M5 bolts and nuts (supplied)
  11. Install all the components back into the Braai | BBQ

IMPORTANT : Before you cook on the Braai for the first time, you need to cure/season the braai. To do this, simply light a small fire at first, to allow the braai to heat up gently. You will notice some odour initially which is normal. In addition to allowing the paint to cure, this process is also important for built-in models to allow any surrounding brickwork to be cured also.

The Braai should be maintained with heat resistant matt black BBQ or Stove paint.

NOTE : Whilst the guarantee on this unit covers manufacturing standards, it cannot be extended to installation. Please ensure that you employ a reputable and competent body to do the installation. This will protect your interest.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY : Whilst every care has been taken in formulating these instructions, no responsibility whatsoever will attach to and/or claim lie against, the manufacturer and/or distributor of the appliance from the use of, or as a result of any failure to follow the whole or any part of the instructions and/or as a result of incorrect information herein and/or any omission here from.

Failure to follow the whole or any part of the instructions which leads to damage to your appliance, will make your guarantee null and void.

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