If you are planning to build a Braai in your home, consider that you are effectively building a large open fire (similar to an inglenook). You will need to engage a qualified professional before purchasing your braai to ensure that planning, building and safety regulations are adhered to.

BBQ365 are not certified to provide professional advice in this regard, but some considerations are the surrounding building materials, floor covering, ventilation, airflow and adjacent buildings (e.g. are there thatched roofs to be considered).

Note also that Braais are not classified or certified as Heating Appliances. They are classified as Solid Fuel BBQs which do not have a CE certification category presently. In the UK they are covered under the UK BS EN 1860-1:2013 standard.

The Combi Braais and Spit Braais do have CE Certifications. these certification are for the Gas and Spit Motor elements respectively.

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