This free standing model can be placed in your garden or on your terrace or can be placed under a porch / veranda. And when your installation requires a more advanced chimney solution (e.g. to pass through a roof), then it is possible to connect standard 250mm (800 braai) or 300mm (1200 braai) CE compliant twin wall flue components. These can either be instead of the hexagonal flue provided, or housed inside it (retaining the original flue for cosmetic purposes).

Genuine Home Fires Braai, hand built by the family business in Worcester (near Cape Town) as they have been for decades, but enhanced for the UK/EU market:

These enhancements include the top door (designed to keep the rain out), dual paint, heat shields, heavy duty stainless steel grid(s), frame base, turbo cowl and ability to connect to standard CE compliant flue components.

  • Free Standing Braais Include :

  • Baking/Warming Draw (x2 with 1200)

  • Grid lifters
  • Poker

  • Spade

  • Potjie Arm
  • Touch-up paint

  • Frame Base

  • 1m Flue Pipe

  • Turbo Cowl

  • Top and Bottom Doors

  • Ember Maker

  • Stainless Steel 50cm x 48cm (x2 with 1200)

800 and 1200 Free Standing Braai Measurements :

Free Standing Braai Dimensions