Spit Braai

Super De Luxe – Build-In Spit Braai

Super De Luxe - Build-In Spit Braai

If you are looking for the Ultimate South African Braai, then this is it !
The iconic ember maker to the right of the Braai was a Home Fires innovation that has been widely copied, and a Braai without an ember maker, just isn’t a Braai in our opinion.
Even the term “Super De Luxe” has been copied by budget variants, but if you know your Braais, then you will know that no-one has managed to match the quality and style of Home Fires, and this unit take your Braai to the next level with a heavy duty spit for roasting a whole lamb or piglet .

Home Fires are the leading manufacturer because of the quality of the materials, workmanship and warranty. Hand built using Grade A rolled mild steel, with a 15 year limited manufacturers warranty, and weighing in at around 230kg, this Braai is built to impress and built to last.

Treat this well, and it will. For decades !

Also available in 304 stainless steel – Special order only (allow 8-12 weeks)

  • Details
  • Details

All units include :

  • Heavy Duty Spit Motor Box

  • Heavy Duty Spit Arm

  • Ember Maker

  • Ash Draw

  • Ash Disposal Trap

  • Warming/Baking Draw

  • Top and Bottom Doors

  • Potjie Arm

  • Full Size Grid

  • 2 x Split Grids

  • Grid Lifters

  • Spade

  • Poker

Unit Measurements

Super De Luxe Spit 1200 (UK Standard)
A – 1205 B – 535 C – 855
D – 320 E – 500 F – 350
G – 880 H – 1590 J – 455
K – 305 Full Grill Size – 950 x 480
Super De Luxe Spit 1500
A – 1510 B – 645 C – 1050
D – 305 E – 600 F – 485
G – 1085 H – 1890 J – 510
K – 305 Full Grill Size – 1225 x 600
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